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Infant Survival Swim and Continued Aquatic Education

Ready for your child or grandchild to be safe and confident around water? We have a full list of swim programs from infants through adult, for all levels of swimmers. Get life-saving infant swimming lessons, and survival swim training from expert instructors for your child.

SwimKids of Georgia is a team of highly-trained instructors providing your child one-on-one survival swimming lessons. Infants and children swim with proper technique – in weeks!

With over 30 years of teaching experience and close to 10,000 children taught, SwimKids of Georgia offers unparalleled knowledge, experience and success in swim and survival swim instruction.
“SwimKids is an absolutely unique swimming school that teaches pretty much all ages to swim and survive in the water. Nadyne’s success results are 100%. She taught both my kids, and they are now two amazing little swimmers. Highly recommend this place to anyone who cares about their kids’ safety and essential skill of swimming.”

Elena K.

Infant & Survival Swim Lessons

Transform your infants or toddler from helpless into confident, capable swimmers –  in weeks!

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Swim Programs

Certified swim programs for infants through adults of all swimmers levels, specializing in aquatic survival swimming!

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Survival Swimming

We instruct infants, toddlers, and children how to swim with proper technique and use proper survival swimming technique.


Professional Trainers

Our survival-swim instructors are professionals who receive 240 hours of training, and continuous mentorship from our lead instructor.


Individual Attention

SwimKids provides the highly-personalized program your child needs, giving them 1-on-1 time with their trainer and involving you as your child’s cheerleader.

Preventing Drowning & Saving Lives, One Child At A Time


Drowning Is A BIG Problem

Drowning is the leading cause of death for children under 4; yet, so many parents are unaware of how dangerous water is for young children who are non-swimmers.


We’re Different

What separates us from other swim programs is that we teach proper survival swim technique, emphasizing the Rollback-To-Float method. Floating is rest …it makes a huge difference!


Starting early makes a difference

The longer a child waits to swim, the harder it is to learn. Infant and youth swimming lessons develop your child’s cognitive skills and turns them into better swimmers, faster.

“We enrolled our older son into the Swimkids of GA program when he was 10 months old. He quickly learned the swim survival skills which were most important and valuable! The owner/instructor is not only highly professional but also a caring person who is focused on the most important – teaching our kids to survive in the water.”

Eliza Z.

“My son (4) had been to 2 other swim schools and could not swim. I finally found Swimkids and within the first few minutes saw a difference. Nadyne made my son feel accomplished, treated him like a person and reinforced only his positive behavior. ”

Inge M.

Nadyne Siegel Brown

Owner / Principal Instructor

Jodi Beard

Lead Infant/Toddler Survival-Swim Instructor

Debbie Carey

Lead Stroke Development & Adult Swim Instructor

Your Training Instructors


How to Get Started

1. Schedule a phone consultation

Send us a message, or call to learn more. One of our staff will schedule a time to share the program details with you.

2. Schedule a Visit

We’ll schedule a time to come in and check us out, learn more about the programs and discover the difference yourself.

3. Start your child’s training!

After registration, if your child has had previous swimming lessons, we’ll schedule a time for your child’s one-on-one placement assessment with an instructor, then get started with a schedule for your child’s lessons.