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Infant & Survival Swim Lessons

SwimKids of Georgia provides an expert and personal approach to infant swim lessons. Infants, toddlers and young children transform from helpless in the water into confident, capable swimmers in weeks, not years.


Children learn necessary skills to save themselves from drowning. With over 30 years of teaching experience and close to 10,000 children taught, SwimKids of Georgia has first class experience when it comes to swimming instruction and survival swimming.


The staff of SwimKids of Georgia enjoys great satisfaction in delivering a program that helps makes kids safe in the water, fosters self-esteem and confidence and independence, while lowering the anxiety and stress for parents.

infant Swim Lessons

SwimKids of Georgia is the smart choice for swimming instruction.

Equipping your children with fundamental survival swim skills can help save their lives! SwimKids of Georgia in Forsyth County, Georgia teaches your children basic skills like propulsion, floating, and breath control. We provide exceptional swim instruction, promoting aquatic survival and proper stroke technique. We provide programs from infancy to adults.
We tried so many swim programs; none worked for our children. Then we asked a close friend who’s –child was a fish!. She recommended SwimKids. We entered both of our children (18 months and 3 years). They have been through the program and LOVE IT and continue to take lessons. We love Nadyne and her staff, and we now feel safe with our kids in and around the water. We recommend Swim Kids to everyone!

Melissa M.

Survival Swimming As An Important Life-saving Skill

The Swim-Float-Survive program at SwimKids of Georgia offers a unique style of infant swim lessons that has been perfected over many years by owner and principal swim instructor Nadyne Siegel-Brown.

With over 30 years and nearly 10,000 children taught, SwimKids of Georgia offers unparalleled knowledge and experience when it comes to swimming instruction and survival swimming, –teaching children the necessary skills to save themselves from drowning

Survival swimming is amazing to watch.

Infants, toddlers, and young children are transformed from being helpless in the water into confident, capable swimmers in weeks, not years.

The added benefit of increasing self-esteem and independence in children while bringing relief and confidence to parents, not just meeting their expectations but exceeding them, brings the staff of SwimKids of Georgia great satisfaction.

Teaching children to save their lives is our number one priority.

Many parents aren’t aware that drowning is the leading cause of death for children under the age of 4.

And even when aware, parents often send their kids to large swim instruction clinics, where they are trained with improper technique by underqualified swim instructors.

Earlier is Easier

The longer a child waits to learn to swim, the harder it will be to learn. Additionally, the older a child is the more nervous they usually are around water, making it difficult to bridge mental gaps and be confident in learning to swim.

False Sense of Security

Often, younger children who haven’t had infant swim lessons are used to their puddle jumper, floatie, or life vest. This builds a false sense of security around water, which can create dangerous situations when they don’t have that floating device—and still think they can swim.

The Proper Technique

Unlike other programs, SwimKids of Georgia emphasizes a rigorous training program, teaches the proper technique – rollover-and-float, and delivers the personal attention that you and your child need.

Cognitive & Confident

By starting at such a young age, our program Little Splashers program will develop your child’s cognitive skills, and instill confidence in them as a swimmer.

Real Security

By teaching proper survival swim technique, our program will give your child the ability to swim safely, and teach you how to continue to grow your child’s swimming ability.

Survival Swimming

We instruct infants, toddlers, and children how to swim with proper technique and use proper survival swimming technique.


Professional Trainers

Our survival-swim instructors are professionals who receive 240 hours of training, and continuous mentorship from our lead instructor.


Individual Attention

SwimKids provides the highly-personalized program your child needs, giving them 1-on-1 time with their trainer and involving you as your child’s cheerleader.

Both of my boys, 2 and 4, were able to swim in a matter of weeks and learned the tools that they needed in case of an emergency.

The true test was when our 2 year old fell into the pool fully clothed while my husband had turned his back to work in the garden. He fell in head first and was able to float to the top of the surface (starfish style) and cry. My husband watched the whole thing happen and waited a second before grabbing him to see if he could put his newly learned skills to work! IT DOES WORK!

Jessica J.